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Mailbox Installation in Chicago and NW Indiana

Business and condominium/town home builders and owners know the importance of installing a safe, secure mail delivery system for their buyers and renters. Install locking mailboxes from U.S. Post. Choose from curbside or wall mount lockable models, or. for large installations, we offer lockable cluster boxes.

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Locking Mailboxes

Curbside MailSafe™
$124.95  Installed
$124.95  Delivered
This post mount locking mailbox features extra wide mail slot, slide-out mail signal, concealed locking access door and out going mail clip.

$249.95  Installed
$249.95  Delivered
1-12 mailboxes in differing costs.

Wall Mount Mailboxes

Lockable City Mailbox
$99.95  Installed
$99.95  Delivered
This optional locking powder coated weather resistant wall mount unit. Elegant bronze and satin nickel accents add warm beauty to any front entry.

$99.95  Installed
$99.95  Delivered
This key-locking drop box keeps your mail under lock and key and will hold magazines and full size envelopes along with your regular mail. Mailbox dimensions: 12 1/2"h x 15 1/4"w x 7-13/16"d.

Unavailable for online purchase.
Please call for more information.

Cluster Mailbox Units (CBU's)

Cluster Box Mailbox Unit

3300 Front Loading Series
Call for quotation.
Available in 8, 12, 13 or 16 compartment units. Constructed of heavy duty aluminum featuring locks, keys, dust/rain shield and parcel lockers.

Cluster Box Mailbox Unit

The Regency REG-ED-TOP-B-12
Call for quotation.
Topper and base shown included with 8, 12, 13 and 16 unit CBU's.

Swinging Arm Series

Swinging Arm Mailbox

Mail Swing
$399.95  Installed
$399.95  Delivered
This 360 degree swinger makes the rounds and returns back to center every time. As the snow plow passes by, the box and arm rotate clockwise and return back to their original position every time. Adjustable arm reaches from 43" to 55" to keep the vertical post away from damaging snow blasts. Made in the USA with galvanized tubing. Supports any size mailbox. Sold with medium size mailbox in black and white. Mailbox dimensions: 8"w x 10"h x 21"d.


The MAILNUT - Mailbox locking aid

Only $12.95
The MAILNUT™ keeps your mailbox door closed! Works on wood, metal and plastic mailboxes. Easy to attach. No tools required. The magnet holds your mailbox door closed. Directions are included.
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