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A History of Mailbox Manufacturing and Installation in Chicago

My first memories of life in chicagoland began during the early 1960's where I lived and grew up in the Roseland neighborhood on the far south side of Chicago until the mid 1970's.

The desire for serving began on my father's side of the family. I was born the oldest son of a Chicago firefighter, the grandson and great-grandson of Chicago policemen, and the nephew of two Chicago firefighters. I was certainly surrounded by family who sacrificed and served the public which fits my business attitude to a tee. I am also proud to say that the public servant tradition continues on with my oldest son who works as a police officer, fireman, and EMT in Wisconsin.

The aspiration for business ownership comes from my mother's side of the family. In 1908, my great grandfather founded Leitelt Brothers Foundry www.lbfoundry.com in the South Chicago neighborhood. It's continued success was carried out by my grandfather and great uncle for most of their lives spanning over a period of several decades. More than 110 years later, the business is still in operation and is currently owned and operated my two cousins Paul and Andy. The entrepreneurial spirit of another great grandfather was poured out in Chicago inside his two taverns A.D. Sommer's Tavern on Chicago's north side (2823 North Clark) and Chicago's south side (3301 East 106th street) back in 1913-1914. Fast forward to 1986, my entrepreneurial spirit kicks in and I began to service all of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana with a lawn aeration service called Aeration Werks.

US Post® mailboxes and posts designed manufactured and installed was founded shortly thereafter in 1989, then Last Shot Basketball Backboard and Pole Removal Service began in 2008. In 2008 I also invented the MAILNUT® a magnetic product that helps keep rural style mailbox doors closed.

Even though I currently live and operate my business from Wisconsin, the Chicagoland area is still huge in my heart with all of the history, family, and friends who still live there. After all of these years, its like I never left town. My family and I continue to be grateful to the thousands of homeowners we have serviced over the last 32 years and greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your neighbors as the need for our services arise. As my roots continue to grow deeper throughout the Chicagoland area, please be assured that my services are services you can trust.

John J. Farrell, Jr.


US Post® began in June of 1989.

It was then that we designed, manufactured, and installed our very first mailbox and post unit from the confines of our family's 2.5 car garage in Highland, Indiana. Our very first installation took place in Naperville, Illinois, at a complete cost of only $49.95.

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Over the past 18 years our list of clients has included:

• Single family homeowners
• Beautification committees
• Developers & businesses
• Community managers
• Townhome owners
• Condominium owners
• Apartment building owners